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Things to do, Before you're due

Dear Mama,

You may feel both overjoyed and overwhelmed during this time, and both feelings are OK! If you are anything like me, you like to have a plan, check the boxes, and feel prepared. With the ever-changing pregnancy symptoms, lack of energy and growing belly go ahead and throw those plans out the window. Yup, you heard me. As a type-A personality and enneagram 3, this has been the biggest challenge for me.

During your pregnancy, your number 1 priority should be your physical and mental health. This will allow you to have a smooth pregnancy, a healthy baby, and a better transition into postpartum. And although you may want to control everything as I did, give yourself the rest and grace it needs. Growing a human is no easy task. I mean how many dads can say that they grew an eyeball while sleep or developed lungs while cooking dinner?

My best advice is to control what you can control. For me, that was feeling prepared with what to buy, what to accomplish each trimester, setting appointments, and going to birthing classes. This is a new adventure for you and your little one so I'm sharing with you my Printable Pregnancy Checklist by Trimester.

Trimester 1:

  • Set up the first appointment with the doctor

  • Begin Prenatal Vitamins (doctor may prescribe)

  • Increase Water Intake

  • Adjust Diet-Vitamin rich fruits & veggies

  • Exercise Regularly

  • Prepare for Morning Sickness (see blog)

  • Decide on when to announce pregnancy

  • Start looking for baby names

  • Get some pregnancy & mama books

  • Relax and take it easy

Trimester 2:

  • Begin creating a birth plan

  • Register for prenatal classes

  • Decide if you will find out the sex of the baby

  • Go on Babymoon

  • Continue to exercise

  • Create Baby Registry (I recommend Babylist)

  • Schedule hospital birthing center tour

  • Treat yo self- Buy Maternity clothes

  • Begin Planning nursery

  • Look into paternity leave

  • Plan for baby shower

Trimester 3:

  • Prepare hospital bag for both parents

  • Baby proof the house

  • Host baby Baby Shower (I recommend between 30-33 weeks)

  • Cook and freeze meals to have after delivery

  • Finish nursey

  • Wash baby clothes & linens

  • Install the car seat

  • Take maternity photos

  • Write labor & delivery affirmations

  • Prenatal massage

  • Prepare postpartum basket (see blog)

  • Select Pediatrician

Mama, remember that you can only control what you can control. You may need to take more breaks, extra naps, and drink lots more water. You are strong, you are incredible, you are the best mom you can be!

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