With Kelsey Jean and Great Escape Fit Club

I love to inspire, motivate and encourage others to live their best life both physically and mentally. 

This opportunity will allow you to help change lives and a chance for you to grow you own fitness community WHILE working on your own health and fitness journey!

I will be sharing with you a "Sneak Peak" into what this opportunity is about and why I love it so much. After watching this video let me know if you want to learn more in-depth details about what I do, how you'll make money, how it will change your life, and how to accomplish your goals!!!


If you have stumbled upon this page you probably have been watching me coach and educate on wellness. Let me be the first to tell you I was a skeptic and watched my upline coach for 1 YEAR before I decided to take the leap.

I thought there was NO WAY I was going to be successful at growing a fitness community on social media, getting fitness results, and developing REAL life connections and friends. 

I just simply shared my journey and passion for helping other, and focused on spreading positivity and love! In no way do you need a health degree, or letters behind your name, but a drive to be successful, to change lives, and inspire others. 

By joining the Great Escape Fit Club you become apart of a community that is all helping each other live Longer, Happier and Healthier! Our team is comprised of working moms, social workers, full-time corporate employees, full-time coaches, wives, college students, nurses, corporate wellness, lawyers, etc....

If you are interested in joining this amazing community, let me know below so we can chat more!



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How the coaching business works: Marketing, Social Media, Tools For Success
How You Make Money! How we are NOT "Sales People"
Getting Started Right
How you can integrate this opportunity into your everyday life TODAY! #Balance
Access to at-home workouts
How we communicate individually, as a team and with our clients!
How much time you need to devote to this business
(There are Three Different Tiers in This Business: Discount Coaching, Part-Time Coaching & Full Time Coaching)
How you can still do whatever workout routine you want and go to the gym!
How to make this work if you have ZERO experience!